Learn a New Language for Your Next International Conference or Study Abroad Excursion

Will you be presenting at an international conference this quarter? Gearing up for your upcoming study abroad trip? Or just desiring to expand your linguistic abilities? Well we’ve got you covered! In light of the University of Denver’s CultureFest last week, the office wanted to share our favorite resources to assist you in your foreign phraseology.


  • Duolingo (free): This is one of the major players in the world of language learning apps. The app combines speaking, listening, translation, and testing methods in bite-sized lessons for easy learning that fits with your busy schedule.  A study by researchers Vesselinov (City University of New York) and Grego (University of South Carolina) found that using Duolingo significantly improved language abilities of those studying Spanish 1 hour a day!
  • Busuu (free): This app offers 12 language learning programs created by educational experts and teawchers.
  • BBC Languages Quickstart Apps: The BBC Languages website provides a wide variety of language learning tools. Their quickstart apps quickly teach you language basics in German, Italian, Spanish and French.


Auditory learning more your style? Why not learn a language while you’re on the road?! Listening to podcasts can be a great way to learn a language when you are commuting to work/school. Ron, author of the blog Language Surfer, provides additional podcast resources. He also has a series on the best YouTube channels for language learning.

DU Library Resources

The AAC at DU has a wide array of resources for language mastery. Whether you like learning on your computer, out of a book, or with an audiobook the library has you covered. Librarian Peggy Keeran has created a great guide to help you access these materials.

DU Center for World Languages and Cultures

Being a student at DU certainly has its perks! The Center for World Languages and Cultures (CWLC) is a fantastic resource for language support.

  • Peer Tutoring Program: The CWLC now offers peer tutoring where you can practice your language skills with an expert! Priority is given to students enrolled in a foreign language course so try going during non-peak hours.
  • Special Language Programs: This summer program allows you to learn less commonly taught languages such as Hindi, Tibetan, and Bosnian. Each course costs around $350.

Good luck on your language quest and please share any additional resources you’ve found to be useful in the comments!

Image courtesy gratisography.com

2 thoughts on “Learn a New Language for Your Next International Conference or Study Abroad Excursion

  1. rmarghevar April 23, 2015 / 12:02 pm

    I have to say that having these free resources at my disposal stirs my adventure heart to attend a conference in another country. Maybe I will this summer! Thanks so much!!!


    • Paige Alfonzo April 23, 2015 / 12:49 pm

      You’re welcome! So glad they’ve sparked your wanderlust!


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