What to Expect at DURAPS 2017!

Interested in learning about Salvador Dali’s knack for creating jewelry? How about a comparison of Islamic and Chinese political theories? These topics and many more will be presented at the DU Research and Performance Summit this year! Over the past month we have been sharing the work of your fellow colleagues who have presented at DURAPS in the past or are presenting this year. Since DURAPS is this Friday, we wanted to share with you the exciting research and benefits that you can expect at this year’s summit. To get an insider’s perspective we chatted with Graduate Student Government President, Veronica Droser, and got her expert insight on DURAPS 2017. Here’s what she had to say:

What is DURAPS?

The fourth annual DU Research and Performance Summit is a celebration of the amazing work graduate students across campus do. It is designed to recognize the rich and diverse nature of the scholarship being produced by graduate students at the University of Denver. It is a fun, professional, and enriching event that shows just how important graduate students are to the DU community. This year we have students presenting on a wide variety topics including: international affairs, experiential learning, race & identity, religion, art history and much more. There will also be great perks including the opportunity to win grant funding, score free Rockies tickets, and nosh on some delicious fare!

How Does DURAPS Benefit Grad Students?

Ready to gain exposure, network with faculty and alum, and add another bullet point the conference section of your CV? DURAPS is a perfect opportunity to do that! There are a ton of ways that DU grad students can benefit from this annual opportunity. Below are just a few of the advantages you can expect to gain this year:

  • Sharpen Your Presentation Skills: DURAPS provides a professional conference experience, and allows students to practice and prepare for presentations at conferences in their field, lectures in their community, and even job interviews with prospective employers.
  • Give your Conference Presentation at Trial Run & Get Feedback: I have presented at DURAPS both as an individual and as a member of a larger research team. I am not the world’s best public speaker, but I was able to practice a presentation that I later gave at my national conference. Based on my presentation I was given valuable feedback about my slides, and gained a great deal of confidence. Without DURAPS I would not have been able to make important changes to my presentation, and would have been way more nervous when time came to talk at my national conference!
  • Network! DURAPS provides opportunities for networking with faculty, administrators, students, and alumni from all across campus. This year’s breakfast, dinner and happy hour events are perfect opportunities to exercise your elevator pitches. Who knows, the person your sitting next to at dinner could be your next research collaborator!
  • nivea_durapsEarn Grant Funding: This year, as with past years, we are awarding $200 grants to the top six student submissions.
  • Boost that CV: DURAPS is also a great way to add to your CV. The APA Science Student Council reports that in the competitive job market a history of conference presentations shows potential employers that you regularly disseminate your research findings to colleagues as well as keep up-to-date on developments in your field.

What Will Be Presented at DURAPS 2017?

What I love about DURAPS is that you get an opportunity to see just how rich and diverse the graduate student body at DU is. I have seen students present on business plans for microbreweries, on the importance of using music to teach and understand biology, and even the sexist media portrayal of female killers. You really just never know what kind of awesome stuff you will learn when you attend a panel.

This year the DURAPS steering committee is dedicated to including topics and work that are representative of the range of graduate student programs offered at DU. You can look forward to seeing traditional academic papers and posters, reflections on clinicals, labs and internships, performances and works of art, business plans and proposals, and everything in between!

Hungry? (for opportunity and/or actual food)

For grads that are hungry both literally and figuratively we’ve got you covered (we know how important free food is when you’re a student)! In addition to amazing scholarship being presented, the second annual Grads and Grub will be offered. Grads and Grub is a networking dinner and reception where students have the opportunity to mingle with alums and administrators. On behalf of Graduate Student Government, and all of the graduate student presenters, we look forward to seeing you there!

Ready to present? GSG welcomes complete or work-in-progress submissions. Be sure to submit your abstract by 2/27!

vdroser-picture-2015Veronica Droser, GSG President- Veronica Droser is a fourth-year PhD candidate in the Communication Studies department where she studies family communication. Her research centers on how families and relational pairs experience different facets of life, focusing specifically on moments of transition and periods of strain in a family or relationship. Currently her work focuses on understanding experiences with death and loss within a family.

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