Graduate Citings: DURAPS Edition with Katelynn Wright

This is an event that inspired me to pursue research and to begin developing an ELC proposal to University Gaston Berger

It’s day 2 of our coverage of the upcoming DU Research and Performance Summit (DURAPS)! Today we’re featuring Katelynn Wright, a DU master’s student who will be presenting “Proposing, Developing, and Implementing an Accredited English Learning Center in Geuoul, Senegal, West Africa” at the summit.

Researcher: Katelynn Wright is a master’s student in International and Intercultural Communication. This program is an interdisciplinary partnership between Media, Film, and Journalism Studies and the Josef Korbel School of International Studies.

Current Research: I am proposing and developing curriculum for an English Language Center (ELC) in Guéoul, Senegal for the new sister university to L’Université Gaston Berger: University of Guéoul. This project is in collaboration with co-founder, Judy Beggs, and Nancy Storer. A needs assessment will be included within the proposal that necessitates quantitative and qualitative research to determine what levels of English we must include in the ELC curriculum. The current proposal promotes discussion upon this possibility with L’Université Gaston Berger.

My interest in this research started when I interned with Friends of Guéoul from April 2016 through August 2016. During that time, I assisted in a pilot program dedicated to training English teachers to change their teaching pedagogy from route, writing and reading literacy to communicative and critical thinking. Upon learning of the sister institution, University of Guéoul, I expressed an interest in developing an ELC there. I strongly feel that our efforts shouldn’t stop at the 6-week Intensive English Summer School (which is now projected to be an annual project, yay!).

Collaborators: I work closely with two very talented and passionate women. Judy Beggs is a Sturm College of Law Alumnae, and the co-founder and current Executive Director of Friends of Guéoul. Nancy Storer is an experienced English as a Second Language professional and former commissioner of the Commission of English Language Accreditation.

DURAPS Presentation: I will be presenting on the ongoing research and development of an accredited proposal I am doing to institute an ELC which I will present to L’Université Gaston Berger. I will also discuss our quantitative and qualitative research we have been conducting in the form of surveys and observation. Intentions are for me to stay in Senegal for months after the 2017 Intensive English Summer School that will begin the first week of August and end in mid-September to conduct research.

Research Advice: Research proposals may be refused multiple times before they stick, but don’t give up. Additionally, research is conducted above and beyond your years in graduate studies—be sure to recognize a diamond in the rough. Something that may seem an unlikely research opportunity because there is lack of literature in a certain study doesn’t mean it’s not worth researching. That reason is precisely the reason for research. Fill in the gaps and become a pioneer in your field!

Want to present your research at DURAPS? GSG welcomes complete or work-in-progress submissions. Be sure to submit your abstract by 2/27!

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