Graduate Citings: DURAPS Edition with Jiade Xiao

The DU Research and Performance Summit (DURAPS) is just around the corner pios! Graduate Student Government is working hard to organize an awesome event for you all, filled with prizes, lunch, and some truly fascinating research! Today we’re happy to share with you the work of master’s student Jiade. Jiade will be highlighting two intellectuals who were highly influential in Chinese and Islamic independence movements in her presentation this year.


Researcher: Jiade Xiao is a first year student in the Josef Korbel’s International Studies master’s program.

DURAPS Presentation: Title- Comparative Analysis on Chinese and Islamic Modern Political Thought Pioneers – A Case Study on Liang Qichao and Sayyid Qutb

Harnessing my knowledge of Chinese modern political thinkers I will be doing a comparative study for my DURAPS presentation focusing on movements in China and the Middle East. Both China and the Middle East region experienced long lasting glorious ages with splendid culture and great wealth before the modern period, an era faced with the shock of Western influence and the threat of colonization. Western nations significantly challenged the traditional lifestyle and regimes in these two regions. In my presentation I will compare two thought pioneers: China’s Liang Qichao and Egypt’s Sayyid Qutb. These two intellectuals were pivotal figures in their respective countries and played important roles in the salvation of their homelands, facilitating a realization of strength and development. While you might not see similarities between China and the Middle East initially, both have had to deal with increasing Western influence and invasion. As a result, both regions experienced the rise of local intellectuals whose work help encourage movements focused on independence.

Collaborators: Dr. Hashemi, who teaches INTS 4526, Modern Islamic Political Thought, was a huge help and mentor for the work I am doing.

Research Advice: Professors are always nice and helpful at DU. Frequent meetings with professors to brainstorm newly emerged ideas has been vital to developing my research.

Hope to see you all at DURAPS on Friday April 7th, 2017!

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